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How We Address the Five Layers of Self

How We Address the 5 Layers of Self


Now offering EMDR intensives to fast track mental and emotional healing over the course of 1-, 2-, or a 3-day session between 3 and 6 hours. Through healing and empowerment, EMDR intensive therapy offers a new hope for restoring mental wellness. Let us guide you toward a brighter, more peaceful future as we blend innovative treatment with deep human understanding. You will be supported every step of the way, helping you heal and grow in ways you have always imagined. Intensive therapy is a great fit for you if you are ready and committed to changing your life now. EMDR intensive packages are now available!



Now offering trauma-informed yoga focused on the body’s positioning, strengthening, and stretching! Also offering chakra readings and balancing to identify and assist in resolving issues

herbalism services to learn how to improve the levels of vitamins and minerals your body needs to function at its highest capacity.



Now offering sound baths to energize from the inside out! Learn to meditate and affirm yourself during the energizing process. Come and simply relax, listen, and enjoy. Also offering breathwork to aid in the healing and meditation processes.



Now offering group services. Participate in group therapy, group yoga sessions, sound baths, and breathwork & meditation as a community. We need each other to fully heal.


Assessment Consultation to discuss screening results, your history and symptoms, education about intensive therapy, and identify presenting problems you are seeking to work through.

Personal Journey Workbook is a friendly guide to help you set intentions, navigate through your therapy journey, and keep you on track with your goals, both during and after our sessions.

Tailored Treatment Plan that focuses on understanding your core beliefs, setting clear and meaningful goals, getting in tune with your emotions, and assessment on your bodily discomfort.

Integrative Therapy Experience curated with your needs in mind, and the option to enrich your sessions with sound healing, trauma-informed yoga, and breathwork, making your journey even more unique.

Post-Treatment Integration to support your adaptation to your healing experience and explore strategies for maintaining and applying insights to ensure you continue flourishing after therapy.


Helps in trauma rehabilitation by providing effective relief from the symptoms of trauma/Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

• Enhanced capacity for processing and regulating emotions, particularly helpful for people dealing with trauma-related problems.

• A notable reduction in depression symptoms, frequently observed in cases where alternative therapies have not worked.

• A discernible decrease in anxiety, encouraging mental stability and serenity.

• A greater capacity for self-awareness and reflection, which results in more profound understanding and insights.

• Better cognitive capacities, such as increased concentration, mental acuity, and critical thinking ability.

• Enhanced psychological toughness, which facilitates managing stress and emotional difficulties.

• The growth or development of self-confidence

• A stronger capacity for interpersonal connection and more empathy, which promotes better social interactions and partnerships.

If you or someone you know is suffering

Reach out for help or encourage that someone to reach out.

We will be there! Your healing begins today.

Mental and emotional wellness.. seek it. Live it. Be well.

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