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Intensive Therapy

Intensive Therapy


EMDR Intensive Therapy sessions are held for longer allotments over a shorter time span to accelerate your healing. It is one-on-one, not group therapy, and tailored to your needs.

An EMDR intensive would entail up to 3 EMDR sessions in one! The intensive appointment length allows you to end your session at a much lower level of distress and potentially fewer side effects following your treatment session compared to a series of weekly appointments.



  1. Call or email to book an intensive and receive a free 15-minute consultation to determine fitness for an intensive.


  1. Once you secure your program, you will be supported in discussing background information, assessments, and develop a tailored care plan to guide your session.


  1. The time has come! Your transformation begins in the safety of your private session.


  1. You did it! You’ve completed your EMDR intensive. Two to 4 weeks after your intensive, you will have a debriefing session to discuss any new insights or changes in your life, as well as having any questions addressed that may have come up following your intensive.