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Why Choose Intensive Therapy

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Intensive Therapy

Why Choose Intensive Therapy

Weekly psychotherapy is changing from the old paradigm to fit your demands. We require flexibility in our support system now more than ever. Personalized treatment plans known as intensives provide you priority access to a limited number of seats, enabling you to bypass the waitlist. Intensives are made to accommodate your chosen timetable and target date for your goals.


  • Are you looking for a breakthrough to go over long-term mental health issues that haven’t improved with conventional therapies?


  • Do you have recurrent episodes of anxiety or depression and are searching for cutting-edge and successful treatment options?


  • Do you presently attend conventional talk therapy sessions but would like to supplement your work with a more in-depth processing experience?


  • Is it difficult for you to attend weekly therapy because of your busy schedule, and you’d rather get started on fixing problems that have been bothering you for a while?

  • You are aware that you need of support right now, and you do not want to spend months receiving treatment using the conventional weekly therapy paradigm to heal.


Prior to the EMDR Intensive, we meet for a Pre-Intensive Interview to determine the goal of the time. We will look at what your life looks like now (your support system, stressors, ways you cope, and places that you want relief, growth, or to take a big step forward). During the EMDR Intensive we do 2 things: 1) Make the painful stuff in your life hurt less and 2) Help the good stuff feel even better. We do this with EMDR Reprocessing as well as resourcing activities while incorporating the bilateral stimulation used in EMDR. Depending on where you are in your journey, we may spend time on your earliest relationships in life (i.e. attachment). For others, the focus is more future oriented. This process can be very personal and customized to you. After the EMDR Intensive, we meet for a Post-Intensive Interview to reflect on the elements that were most meaningful to you and how you want to infuse that into your life moving forward. I emphasize sharing insights with the important people in your life, so they can partner with you and celebrate your progress!

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